Self-Care For The Mind

Most people are aware of the need for self-care of the body, but is there such a thing as “self-care” for the mind? 


Awareness and Perception Training uses mental exercises to help you adjust the perspective of how you experience yourself in relationship to your environment. It also provides techniques that develop intangible soft-skills that help you manage an ever-increasingly stressful world.


In the Self-Care For The Mind course, Jeri Shobe, Leadership and Awareness Instructor at MINDGARTEN, will teach us simple, mind awareness exercises and a daily practice that helps us remain grounded, centered, and replenished in four, 30-minute classes. Includes weekly practice videos and how-to tips.

Life-Mind Skills

The goal of Mind Skills Training is NOT to create a peaceful environment around you or be FREE from stress. That isn't really realistic.


Since we can't control the world around us, the goal of our training is to find ways to PROCESS our reactions to it and FOCUS on the solution. This meditative training allows us to look at events and situations in the abstract from a centered, neutral state of mind to create a path to a desired outcome.



This program includes three 30-minute, live, group sessions per week via video chat. Attendees will participate in guided mental training on how to deal with situations, relationships and the world around us.


Jeri Shobe

Leadership and Awareness Training Instructor



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