How Does Awareness Training Work?


Awareness Training uses mental exercises to sharpen your mental acuity around specific abilities we call soft skills. Non-traditional in its approach, this is the simplest but most challenging training you may ever experience. It can also change everything. It gives you a method to become more aware on an interpersonal level so you can bring your unique perspective, talents, and abilities forward.


These participative, soft-skill, training sessions are intended to open you to another level of awareness, insight, and information through mental imagery and perception exercises. To that end, they will not operate like a typical meeting or presentation.


These training sessions require you to close your eyes and go inward...yes, even during the workday!  Einstein wasn’t the only businessman who used mental exercises to explore the different levels of the mind for his work! The sessions are participative, requiring you to listen and try mental exercises. Your eyes will be closed. The only audio/video will be of the instructor. You will be invited to let go of preconceived notions, visualize, conceptualize, follow instructions and keep in time with the instructor. The first part of each session is designed to help you practice your ability to focus. The awareness lesson typically "comes to you" at the end, or within a few days of practicing of that lesson.


Follow along. Develop awareness skills. Become the great leader inside you.


About Jeri


With a 15-year corporate career as a Financial Services Marketing Consultant and 20 years of training in meditation and mind development, Jeri has integrated three aspects of ourselves often separated; what we do, why we do it, and who we are (in regards to the nature of our being). She might best be described as a Business Virtues Coach. In business, we call virtues "Soft Skills", and in these times, they are more important than ever. Translating them into actual experience is a rare skill.


Jeri uses mental exercises in a type of Awareness and Perception Training that gives a real, palpable experience to sometimes challenging leadership traits, such as staying grounded, centered, focused, and operating in alignment with your inner compass. She also finds a way to explore and exercise the virtues we often find hard to put words to, such as compassion, empathy, and inclusion, all within a few minutes of going within the mind.


Her methods are truly of the times. She explores the nature of our mind, reminds us of our innate wisdom, and delivers it in a practical way, tailored to Business. It was in business, after all, that she first learned how to harness the mind through meditation. Following in the footsteps of her first boss, a dynamic Bank CEO who meditated every morning at 4 am and sent his entire Executive Management Team to a two-week meditation course, Jeri learned early on that “how” and “why” we do things is often more important than “what” we do. That all starts within the mind.


Jeri performs Leadership Webinars, Awareness Training, and Executive Coaching via live stream from San Francisco and is available to customize programs for your Leadership team, Development program, or company-wide retreat.



Leadership and Awareness Instructor


Here's what people are saying about Jeri.

"My meditation practice has taught me how to slow down and take things as they come, one thing at a time, without stressing. I realize now, busy multi-tasker that I am, it all just gets done as it's supposed to, and it can happen gracefully and thoughtfully.  Jeri has reminded me how powerful it is to remain in my grace."


Susan Chastain

Owner, Susan Lind Chastain, Inc.

About Spiritual Life-Work-Business Coaching..."Jeri is a guiding light.  She takes you on a journey to seek your essential self, peeling back the layers of assumed behavior and false identity. Through her gentle and humorous steering, you are transformed, full and robust in your stance."


Julie Weston
Owner, Weston Wear Inc.

"Jeri taught me life trans-formational meditation and relaxation skills that I have incorporated into my daily life, allowing me to navigate successfully through many challenges related to work, the economy, and personal relationships. She was masterful in helping me create a space where I learned to dispense the negative energy stored up inside of me as well as be more aware and accepting of the good energy surrounding all of us. This has helped me sleep better, think more clearly and be more present in all interactions. Thanks, Jeri for the huge impact your practice has had on my life!!"


Carrie Birkhofer
Financial Institution President and CEO

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