Awareness Training for People Development

A New Perspective

It is an unprecedented time where many people are juggling work, families, and home school under the same roof. Add to this an uncertain economic and political outlook, and it has never been more important for companies to invest in their employees' mental preparedness. Are you giving your employees the tools they need to manage your business, the current state of affairs AND be great business leaders?


The soft skills of leadership are often the most intangible: being present, objective, engaged, intuitive, empathetic, inclusive, and creative, to name a few. Great leaders also have the ability to focus and stay calm during the storm,  while keeping their eye on the horizon. But how do we develop the awareness of these abstract skills, especially now that we are communicating more through screens and tablets?


Awareness Training puts leadership virtues into practice on a subtle, abstract, level using mental imagery and perception exercises. This allows for a greater understanding of the impact of our thoughts and actions without role-playing or actual interactions. It is a way to develop our ability to perceive and bring out the best in each of us, just by applying a few mental exercises.


Call me today to learn how we might bring a new type of awareness training and leadership soft-skill development to your existing talent development and wellness programs.

Jeri Shobe

Leadership and Awareness Instructor


What can MINDGARTEN do for your employees?

  • Provide a method for dealing with the pressures of life, work, and the conditions of our world.
  • Develop soft skill Leadership traits: listening, patience, empathy, objectivity, collaboration, clear communication, internal compass, horizon awareness, intuition, creativity, etc.
  • Neutralize distractions, clear the mind, and focus.
  • Handle demand, expectations, deadlines with grace and efficiency.
  • Transcend obstacles by accessing new areas of creativity.
  • Increase staff connectedness, collaboration, and synergy.
  • Reduce sick days and loss of productivity.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention.

What We Do

Webinars & Guided Classes

We provide private or open-to-all, livestreamed weekly guided Awareness Training Sessions for your staff, customized to your business objectives and staff development initiatives. Available individually or call for quote to host a course at your company.

Executive & Small Biz Coaching

You know how to run your business, but do you have the energy to do it? Learn how to manage your energy so that you are effective, focused and supported.


Coaching sessions available by livestream or telephone.

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